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  • Public Image Ltd – We Only Wanted to be Dub

    Public Image Ltd PIL Featured

    Early 1978, the Sex Pistols were over as far as Johnny Rotten was concerned. The punk scene had become a ridiculous circus in the eyes of many, the music and uniform had become standardised, and Johnny remained scarred from his confrontational dealings with the media, the public and even his own band. The whole experience had left it's bitter taste and it was time to spit it back...

  • ESG – Dance to the Punk Funk Sound

    ESG Band

    Are ESG a Post-Punk or New Wave band? I hesitate to categorise them as such, simply because they slot equally well into other genres. Their background (New York's South Bronx) is far from typical, and the only musical influence that is constantly cited by the band is James Brown's early funk efforts. However, the band found themselves playing at punk/post-punk venues just as many of the artists were throwing off their Punk shackles and exploring more diverse styles....

  • Come Away With ESG (1983) by ESG

    ESG - Come Away With ESG

    Come Away with ESG (1983) by ESG, widely regarded as a classic of it's era, hasn't dated a bit. Is it because so many artists have either sampled ESG or been influenced by their sound? Maybe the music is just so elemental that it fits with so many genres. The Band at this time were the Scroggins girls (Renee, Deborah, Marie and Valerie) and Tito Libran on congas. Producer Ed Bahlman of 99 (nine nine) Records got them into the studio shortly before the the label shut down after a legal dispute with Sugarhill Records....

  • Dance to the Best of ESG (2010) by ESG

    ESG - Dance to the Best of ESG

    Dance to the Best of ESG (2010) eclipses the previous compilations (A South Bronx Story, Vols 1 & 2) and is the only one now available on most music streaming sites. It includes tracks from their 1981 debut EP all the way to their last Soul Jazz album in 2006, and it doesn't miss all that much.

  • Carambolage – The Joy of NDW

    Carambolage Band featured

    Carambolage's story is tied closely with Berlin blues-rock band Ton Steine Scherben. Elfie-Esther Steitz (sister of guitarist and co-founder RPS Lanrue), Britta Neander and Angie Olbrich all played and performed with the band at some point after the band's 1975 withdrawal to a remote farm in Fresenhagen, North Germany. During their time there the girls wanted to do their own thing and formed Carambolage in 1979....

  • Eilzustellung Exprès (1982) by Carambolage

    Carambolage - Eilzustellung Exprès (1982)

    Eilzustellung Exprès (1982) is the second album—and last to be released—from Carambolage. Now a four piece of Britta Neander, Angie Olbrich, Elfie-Esther Steitz and Janet Lemmen the album seems more focused and structured than their debut Carambolage ...

  • Carambolage (1980) by Carambolage

    Carambolage - Carambolage (1980)

    Carambolage is the self titled debut album, and is certainly the most immediately arresting of the two on offer. At this stage Carambolage were a trio of Britta Neander, Angie Olbrich and Elfie-Esther Steitz. It all sounds very amateurish, playful and experimental without being pretentious ...