Beat Rhythm News

Beat Rhythm News (1979) by Essential Logic

Beat Rhythm News

Essential Logic’s Beat Rhythm News (Waddle Ya Play?) from 1979 is what it’s all about. A perfect new wave/post-punk album. It’s disorienting on first listen, fusing elements of punk, funk, jazz, dub etc. with seemingly scatterbrain lyrics. It seems to be going one way, then goes off on tangents.
Some will find this album challenging, some will despair at the amateurishness of it all. For me that’s the very reason I love it, so much originality, exuberance and energy.I remember trying to make out Lora’s vocals, thinking I must have misheard that pelican bit, but no… she’s trying to get a mail-order pelican. Having got hold of the album sleeve with accompanying lyrics, I thought I’d finally get to understand what the hell she’s banging on about. I’m still none the wiser.This album is quirky, energetic, creative, and seriously fun.

  1. Quality Crayon Wax O.K.  ♥
  2. The Order Form
  3. Shabby Abbott
  4. World Friction
  5. Wake Up   ♥
  6. Albert
  7. Alkaline Loaf In The Area   ♥
  8. Collecting Dust   ♥
  9. Popcorn Boy (Waddle Ya Do?)   ♥

This album is not available to stream, however all tracks but one (Alkaline Loaf In The Area) are included on the compilation Fanfare in the Garden.

Fanfare in the Garden

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