Carambolage (1980) featured

Carambolage (1980) by Carambolage


Carambolage is the self titled debut album, and is certainly the most immediately arresting of the two on offer. At this stage Carambolage were a trio of Britta Neander, Angie Olbrich and Elfie-Esther Steitz. It all sounds very amateurish, playful and experimental without being pretentious. Lyrically I haven’t got a clue what’s going on—my German comprehension is close to zero—and it often seems like 3 schoolgirls just mucking around. If that’s all there is to it then that’s fine by me. Styles range from punchy punk rock to mournful synthpop to the fairground waltz of Der Reigen, with a quite a few uptempo dancey tracks. Standout songs are Lampenfieber and Tu doch nicht so and Der Reigen.

  1. Lampenfieber – Rampenlicht (Limelight)   ♥
  2. Tu doch nicht so (Do not be so)   ♥
  3. City-Großmarkt (City hypermarket)
  4. Das Männlein (The Little Man)
  5. Je t’aime
  6. Die Farbe war Mord (The Colour Was Murder)
  7. Johnny
  8. Was hat das für einen Sinn (What’s the meaning)
  9. Fußgängerzone (Pedestrian zone)
  10. Roxan
  11. Der Reigen (The Dance of Youth??)   ♥
  12. 22 Rue Chenoise
  13. Bretter, Bretter, Bretter (Boards, Planks, Boards)


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