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  • Come Away With ESG (1983) by ESG

    Come Away With ESG Featured

    Come Away with ESG (1983) by ESG, widely regarded as a classic of it's era, hasn't dated a bit. Is it because so many artists have either sampled ESG or been influenced by their sound? Maybe the music is just so elemental that it fits with so many genres. The Band at this time were the Scroggins girls (Renee, Deborah, Marie and Valerie) and Tito Libran on congas. Producer Ed Bahlman of 99 (nine nine) Records got them into the studio shortly before the the label shut down after a legal dispute with Sugarhill Records....

  • Beat Rhythm News (1979) by Essential Logic

    Beat Rhythm News

    Beat Rhythm News (Waddle Ya Play?) from 1979 is what it's all about. A perfect new wave/post-punk album. It's disorienting on first listen, fusing elements of punk, funk, jazz, dub etc. with seemingly scatterbrain lyrics. It seems to be going one way, then goes off on tangents.