Eilzustellung Exprès 1982

Eilzustellung Exprès (1982) by Carambolage

Eilzustellung Exprès

Eilzustellung Exprès (1982) is the second album—and last to be released—from Carambolage. Now a four piece of Britta Neander, Angie Olbrich, Elfie-Esther Steitz and Janet Lemmen the album seems more focused and structured than their debut Carambolage. The album starts off with two great pop-punk offerings (Vollgeturnt and Eingeschneit). Gehirnwäsche, a rather jolly sounding track, is extremely addictive but i’m pretty sure if I understood the lyrics it may seem less happy. The second half now and you get the sense that the girls are in a “darker” place now and the giddy experimentation is tempered somewhat. Die Zeit‘s musical touchstone is Siouxsie & the Banshees and is a real grower. Was ist Das is another favourite of mine with a kind of bass heavy indie pop with whirling synths. The album should have ended with the stunning twelfth track Lisa. In krautrock mode now with uptempo drums but no catchy hooks, just a pulsing base, moody synth clanging guitar and anguished screams.

  1. Vollgeturnt (Full gymnastics)   ♥
  2. Eingeschneit (Snowbound)   ♥
  3. Widerlich (Disgusting)
  4. Was Wir Widerfuhr matched (What Happened To Me)
  5. Gehirnwäsche (Brainwashing)   ♥
  6. Warum (Why)
  7. Maschine (Machine)
  8. Die Zeit (Time)
  9. Psychoeintopf (Psycho Stew)
  10. Was ist das (What Is It)
  11. Take Me
  12. Lisa   ♥
  13. I Remember You


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